SNMP Tutorial: Browsing for SNMP Values

Browsing for SNMP Values

Often the easiest way to find the values you're looking for is to use an SNMP Browser. Most SNMP browsers can scan a device, retrieve all of the values it supports, then present them to you in a list or in a tree-like display so you can navigate to the area you are interested in. There are many different SNMP browsers available and they range in price from free to several hundreds of dollars depending on the features and functionality included.

See our SNMP Browsers resource page for a list of SNMP browsers to choose from.

Monitoring SNMP Values

Once you've found the SNMP values you are looking for, you may want to start actively monitoring them. Most network and server monitoring tools include support for SNMP monitoring and can do things like report on uptime, bandwidth, the status of network interfaces, and much more.

See our list of network monitoring solutions that support SNMP for a range of selections that also range from the free to the very expensive.