Getting Started With SNMP?

If you're new to SNMP, check out our SNMP Tutorial. In just a few minutes we'll help you to understand the difference between OIDs and symbolic names, explain what a MIB is, and even give you a few examples showing how to easily retrieve SNMP values.

Looking for Complete Details?

Our "SNMP Fundamentals" e-book is available here and it digs into more details about the protocol, how it works, and its history. It's also available as a PDF Download which you can load onto your e-reader or view with your preferred document reader.

About SNMP

SNMP (short for "Simple Network Management Protocol") is the defacto standard for monitoring and managing network equipment. With SNMP you get insight into bandwidth, interface status, and much more.

For More Than Just Networking

Although designed for switches and routers, SNMP is a flexible protocol that is also supported by many servers, printers, power equipment, HVAC units, and many other types of network devices.

SNMP Browsers

How can you tell what SNMP values your device supports? The fastest and easiest way is to use an SNMP browser. Scan your device and see right away what it supports. We've built a list of SNMP browsers for you to choose from.

SNMP Monitoring

What if you need to get alerts about bandwidth, network errors, restarts, and more? Then you need an SNMP monitoring system. See our list of SNMP monitoring solutions and choose the one that's right for you.