About This e-Book

SNMP is short for "Simple Network Management Protocol".

The protocol was originally developed in the late 1980s when it started to become obvious that there was a need for a standard way to monitor and manage network equipment from different vendors.

Although it has the word "Simple" in its name, SNMP has a reputation for being difficult to learn. This is partly due to the fact that the protocol uses specific terms and terminology that are not often found in other information technology fields. Terms like "OID", "MIB" and "symbolic name" are obscure to many readers and don't immediately convey meaning.

This ebook will introduce you to the fundamentals of the SNMP protocol. We’ll start with a brief overview of some terminology and then will dive into real-world examples showing you how to use SNMP to get valuable information from your different kinds of networking gear.

By studying each chapter in this ebook and using the examples provided, you'll become familiar with the terms used by SNMP and will gain a working knowledge of how to perform common operations using SNMP-based tools.

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